From Zero To Four Kids in Thirty Seconds

From Zero To Four Kids in Thirty Seconds - Amy L. Peterson Amy had her priorities in life all set and ‘marriage’ was not on top of that list. Not even in the middle. And having kids was nowhere on that list! She hadn’t even ‘noticed’ Mark until he rejects her proposal at work. And well, when she does notice him – the unexpected happens. Amy not only ends up marrying Mark but also takes on the four children from Mark’s first marriage. From being a single career oriented woman to being a wife and a mother, that is exactly what this book is all about.

It’s a light hearted book, filled with cozy family moments, interesting interactions, utter chaos and outright funny moments. It is like getting glimpses or watching episodes of somebody else’s life instead of a tv series. I smiled and giggled through most of the book. Somewhere down the line I have also developed a certain liking for Elizabeth, the youngest in the family. The way she explains her nickname to Amy was really endearing. The only setback according to me was the flow of words. It just wasn’t that smooth. It is just a minor setback and nothing that would take away greatly from the book. Also, the highlight of the books is the sometimes funny – sometimes useful tips!

Tip #1: Behind every successful stepmother is a man with at least one child!
Tip #11: If your first meeting with the kids doesn’t go well, rest assured that it won’t be the last thing that won’t go well.
Tip #56: "You can't get a refund just because you're not having fun."
Tip #70: "You won't be able to predict what the kids remember, or what they'll like the most. So try to enjoy it all."

Overall it was an enjoyable read with the ability to refresh a person’s mind. Whether you are single or married or in a relationship or even a man [ J ] – I would like to recommend you to read this book and be a part of the Peterson Family.