Dancing Naked in Dixie

Dancing Naked in Dixie - Lauren Clark This story is all about Julia – a travel magazine journalist. She enjoys her exotic trips that take her all over the world. She has problem maintaining focus and is very clumsy too – not very helpful characteristics when she has to meet deadlines! She returns from her trip to Italy, only to find out that her personal and professional lives have collided as her father is her new boss. Her missed deadlines and the recent below average articles land her into trouble and the only way to save her job is to take a trip to Alabama to cover an annual Pilgrimage. With her already planned trip to Bali cancelled, Julia has no other choice but to go to Alabama in order to save her career. Originally she plans to rush through her job there and return in time for her other assignment. However, once she lands in Eufaula, things are out of her control. She meets a family and her experience there might just change her life all over again!

Losing her mother couple of years back had really affected Julia. Though, I don’t really agree with her ‘hiding from reality’ method of coping, I empathize with her. Her commitment phobia is also not at all endearing. But in the end she feels real and not all that fictional and that is why I loved her. There’s a similar quality to almost all of the characters in the story. The author has also done an excellent job in describing the setting to us. It was almost as though I was watching a motion picture instead of reading a book. And though personally I know very little about the Southern Hospitality, I have read enough of books and watched enough movies to have an idea about what exactly the author was talking about. The craziest part is that I kept imagining Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas from “Sweet Home Alabama” in order to get the ‘southern drawl’!!

The story ended in and hopeful note and a warm feeling in my heart. I enjoyed reading this and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good chic-lit.