Witches - Phil Stern For centuries, the witches have controlled the power of magic. They have travelled between the worlds and used their ‘gifts’ freely. But now a wizard has rising and challenging their powers. One by one, three young witches have disappeared. With notes left behind in their place, it was as if the wizard was mocking the witches. The council decides and sends six of their best to find and kill this wizard. With other dead or captured or injured, it falls on Tiffany to take care of the business herself. She is the strongest witch of their generation and turns out to be the only hope that her people could have of survival.

This is an action packed novella of some 55 odd pages. There’s a lot in those few pages. We learn a lot about the different worlds, how the witches’ council works and how the witches themselves live their lives. There is a lot of action, emotion and drama. There’s also a matter of domestic violence handled in this book.

Phil Stern’s writing style in unquestionably amazing. Few days back I had the chance to read & review another book of his, and though the plots of both the books are very different – two things about his writing has turned out to be consistently good – his writing style and his characters. I loved them both.