Bloodlines - Lindsay Anne Kendal Keira is a not so normal girl trying to lead a normal life. She has some special gifts that only her best friend knows about. When her grandfather dies, she sets out to find some answers of her own. With Lily in tow, she goes to Salem to find out more about her heritage and her bloodline in order to understand her powers and how she is supposed to deal with it. What she finds in Salem is that she is surprising. Will she find the answers she has been looking for? Will she be able to fulfill her destiny?

The plot and setting of Bloodlines has an air of originality around it and it was truly a refreshing experience. Keira is a strong character who can hold on her own. Actually she managed to make a few guys around her look like a couple of sissies. Lily is a true friend. Most girls would have run away from Keira once they found out about her special gifts. But Lily stuck with Keira no matter what. Her loyalty towards her friend is really nice. Lucian, Jake, Danny and Tyler have their own roles to play in the book. The twist and turns in this book are sometimes predictable and sometimes the leave with a wow effect. There’s action, there’s drama and there’s romance – what else can one ask for?

There are a few weak spots though. Some things seem way too convenient and I would have liked to see a buildup in the friendship between Keira and the guys instead of the sudden ‘we are the BFFs’ sort. Having said all that, I still think that overall, this was quite a good read and worth the time!