Permanence - Vincent Zandri Mary, a Travel Agent by profession, is a grieving mother. The story is narrated from Mary’s POV. She has lost her child to a drowning incident and so it’s high on emotions. Besides her ex-husband and her child, Mary did not really have in anyone else in her life. And so, when she finds herself alone, she holds on to the only other person around – a psychiatrist. When I see/hear about an affair between a psychiatrist and a grieving person, I get this feeling that there’s something wrong. And soon enough we find out that the ‘doctor’ too has a story of his own.

The plot builds a certain rhythm from the beginning that keep telling the readers whenever something major is coming up. Sometimes you see it coming and sometimes you cannot guess what it is going to be. The characters – both Mary and the doctor, have certain strength in them that make us feel for them - even after we learn about the doctor’s demons and Mary’s disturbing revelations. Somehow the darkness in the characters makes them seem human.

The most notable quality of the novel is its language. Vincent Zandri has taken things to another level with is masterful manipulation of words. It was undoubtedly his style of writing that lent the characters and the plot the ability to take the reader for a ride.