Sandcastle and Other Stories

Sandcastle and Other Stories - Justin Bog
Amazing! It was simply amazing! This book was a collection of bizarrely amazing work of fiction. Each and every story had its own twists and turns with some very incredible characters. Right from ‘The Virtue of Minding Your Own Business’, Justin Bog manages to catch you unawares with a story about murder and regrets and only manages to tighten his grip on his readers through the other stories till the very end of ‘On the Back Staircase’. Each story has something distinct to tell you about human nature and psychology and each story has the capacity to make you sit and think for hours.

Whenever I have picked up a collection of short stories, there has always been a variety in the theme of the stories. While I found some stories to be serious, some were downright hilarious. If some were outstanding then there was bound to be some story that I would find borderline mediocre. But in this case, there is a common theme throughout – there is a very dark theme to this book and each story is brilliant on its own. The psychological aspects in some of the story creeped me out and I loved them.

Great imagination, attention to details, perfect narration and great characters – this book has it all. Once again -- Amazing!

I got the book for free as a part of VBTC blog tour and the copy that I received had the bonus chapter of Justin Bog’s upcoming novel “Wake me Up” and boy am I hooked! I can hardly wait to get my hands on it.