Binding Arbitration

Binding Arbitration - Elizabeth Marx Banford Aidan Palowski, the college heart throb turned major baseball player has it all. Born into a rich family and with a star status, Aidan has had those things in life that most people can only dream of. Elizabeth Tucker is a successful Chicago defense attorney and single mom. She has had a tough life but has worked hard to earn a good life for herself and her six year old son, Cass. She had managed to move on after her heartbreak and had no plans of confronting Aidan again, till Cass is diagnosed with Leukemia. As the father of her son, Aidan possibly holds the key to the solution of the life-saving bone marrow transplant for Cass. Of course for her son, Libby would do anything any and thus she braces herself for the pain that her old wounds would bring up and faces Aidan. But will Aidan step up and do what needs to be done in order to save his son? Or will his career plans stop him? And what about his feelings for Libby?

The plot is just perfect. There’s love, there drama, there’s humour and there’s anguish – just like it is in life. It has a perfect mix of all sorts of emotions. The characters develop throughout the book. Libby is stubborn and strong. She leaves no stones unturned for her son and certainly goes that extra mile. Aiden’s strength is admirable. There are no two opinions about his failings, but he makes up for everything and in the end he holds on to everything that matters. Cass is a sweet boy that you will have no scruples about falling in love with. You can see a bit of both Libby and Aiden in him. The author’s style of writing is truly impressionable. To deal with the complications of relationships – whether between the protagonists or with their parents and then to mix in the complications of a child suffering with a disease like leukemia… it is just mind blowing. I absolutely have no words for the way the author has handled the intricate details of the lives of the people involved in such situations.

Overall, this book is a complete rollercoaster journey. From laughing with the characters to crying for them, I have experienced it all while reading this book. I would recommend this book to everyone who… well just to about everyone I know!