Deep Down (Jack Reacher, #16.5)

Deep Down (Jack Reacher, #16.5) - Lee Child I was really pleased when I got this book approved through Net Galley because I have read quite a few of the Lee Child Novels before and I absolutely love Jack Reacher. However, this was my first experience with a Jack Reacher Short Story.

In this short story, Jack Reacher goes undercover in the Capitol Building. There’s someone leaking information and he has very little time to find out who it is. His opponents are four very attractive and formidable West Point ladies. Reacher’s handler had pointed out that this wasn't s going to be a dangerous assignment. All he had to do was keep a low profile and talk to four women. Three of the women are of course in the clear. But will Reacher be able to work out the ‘who’ and ‘why’ before she figures him out? Using his intuition, observation power, Reacher soon learns the truth, but it's something far more sinister than a few leaks about a sniper rifle.

If you have read about Jack Reacher before then you know to expect a lot of action, to learn quite a bit about guns and see how the ‘grey cells’ work. My concern was whether we would get to read much about all or any of them in a short story. I needn’t have worried as ‘Deep Down’ required Jack Reacher’s expertise in every field. There were guns involved and Reacher certainly had to put his deduction skills to a test. There was a bit of action in the end as well. Overall, this is a fast paced story that has Lee Child’s signature style of storytelling.

I recommend this book to all mystery & thriller enthusiasts.