Legacy of a Dreamer

Legacy of a Dreamer - Allie Jean Chantal Breelan is just another name lost in the Foster Care System. She has a problem with nightmares and nobody to turn to except her secret imaginary friend called Nick. Once she turns eighteen, she is forced to move out of her foster home and falls off the systems radar. She moves to the city that never sleeps and though she doesn’t have a smooth start to this new life either, she manages to find herself an apartment. As she feels Nick’s presence in her new life, she manages to trudge through the days. Then one day when a young boy runs away from her and she decides to follow him, her world as she knew it, changed forever. Among other things, Nick turned out to be a fallen angel named Mathias who has actually been there with Chantal as her protector.

Characters first. Chantal is a girl with many traits and persona. She is brave, yet scared of the dark. She is stubborn, willful and sometimes so clueless! I could go on, but I will round it up with one sentence – she is a typical teenager who made me feel excited, irritated and anxious throughout the book. I kind of liked her. Mathias on the other hand is awesome. He is strong, focused and he has his priorities set right!

The plot has a slow start. For the first few chapters I was left wondering where the story is going. But once the action starts, the story takes on a fast pace, never relenting. I have not read a book involving a storyline that had dreams/nightmares playing such a major role. So it was a change for me and one that I enjoyed! The author style of writing is very descriptive – which in general is a good thing. For the most part I enjoyed that aspect as well but at certain point it felt a bit dragging.

But the best part about the book, besides Mathias ofcourse, was Chantal’s family history and the twists and turn that the book offered. Overall, ‘Legacy of a Dreamer’ made quite an interesting read!