Cassandra by Starlight

Cassandra by Starlight - Susan Mac Nicol Married once and then separated from her husband, Cassandra is tired of being set up for disappointing dates. She is an independent career woman, who is an unfortunate victim of a terrible accident that almost claims her life. That is when Ian & Bennet enters her life. Ian is a selfless, caring doctor while Bennet is a famous actor who thrives under the limelight. They both love Cassandra, but who will she choose - the quiet but dependable Ian or the famous actor with a bad temper?

At first, Bennet feels that he owes it to Cassandra to make sure that she is fine since his brother put her life in jeopardy. But soon that changes into something else. As he gets to know the girl, he finds it so easy to fall in love with her. But with his past, a sick mother and his life always under the media scrutiny, he has more on his plate than he can handle. Add a crazy stalker to the mix! A stalker who calls him a number of times only to play music in the background and leave him a number of gifts. The stalker also seems to follow him around the world. Will he ever get his life under control again?

The plot is quite interesting with quite a few sub-plots and few of them are quite mysterious. The death of Bennet’s brother and the identity of his stalker are what keep the reader wondering about ‘what really happened’. The book also deals with a life of an actor, a serious illness and the different facets of relationships. My favourite part of the book was really the relationships portrayed. Cassie’s relationship with both Bennet and Ian, Bennet’s relationship with his colleagues/friends and his family – they are all very different from each other. It is these differences that actually complement each other and bring a balance and charm into the book.

Susan Mac Nicol has also managed to develop quite a few interesting characters. Cassandra is a strong character who has a very practical and optimistic outlook on life. Bennet’s past actually makes him another strong character. Ian is the sweet guy whom you will absolutely love. Besides these people who take the center stage in the book, I also liked the characters of Bennet’s father and Bella. And my, the stalker is really a psycho!

I have a few issues about the book though. For me, I felt that the story could have been a bit fast paced than it is. In order to give some time for the relationships to grow, the author has spanned out the events over a period of time. Sometimes the jump from stage to another - from one chapter to the other seemed rather abrupt, losing the rhythm of the story. Also, I felt as if the climax did not really do justice to the buildup.

Overall, it was quite an experience to read this book and I would recommend this to romance lovers. It is certainly worth one time read.