Worst Case

Worst Case - James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge This is the first book that I have read in the Michael Bennett series. Like every other James Patterson book, this too can be treated as a stand-alone novel even though it is in a series. I am sure that Michael Bennet’s character has grown over the three books; however, I did not feel as if I have ‘missed’ something by reading the third book first.

A lunatic is on the loose and he is kidnapping rich kids in order to test them. You pass the test and you go free. But if you fail the test the results are drastic. You do not get grounded for failing his test but you pay for it with your life. Michael Bennet is put in charge of the case and he notices certain irregularities in the pattern. Things heat up for Bennet, both at home and at work, with the entry of Emily Parker, a FBI Agent. With the rich parents using their resources and influence to pressurize the high-ups, and the criminal calling and taunting, the pressure builds on Bennet & Parker to solve the case before another body turns up.

My first impression of Michael Bennet is that he is a ‘BRAVE’ man. Well, obviously he has to be in order to be in the law enforcement. But not only that, Bennet has ten, yes that’s right, t-e-n children. A person has to be beyond brave to take on that amount of challenge and responsibility. In his professional life he is organized only to an extent and has a record to back up his reputation. I like the way he works. Emily Parker is a thorough professional at first glance. But then as the plot progresses, we see a completely different side of her. I am not sure whether I like or not like her yet. I am hoping she will turn up in a future installment and give me a chance to make up my mind completely. Francis Mooney is, in one word, a psycho. Not in ‘Hannibal’ category, but a psycho nonetheless. Like many other Patterson novels, ‘Worst Case’ too has chapters written in the POV of the criminal. The insight was illuminating even though I felt as if the characters lacked complexity in order to bring up the plot.

This book has a lot of action and even some romance. As usual, it turned out to be yet another page turner. A good book worth investing your time in.