Falling For Sarah

Falling For Sarah - Cate Beauman Ethan was the one in the delivery room with Sarah. He was also there with her when the Marines brought the most dreaded news of any military personnel’s family – Jake had died in Afghanistan. Ethan makes a promise to Sarah that day to be there for her till the time she needed him. Their friendship quietly changes into platonic love and then to something more. Both Sarah and Ethan felt guilty about their relationship and felt as if they were like dishonoring Jake’s memory. But when a crazy psychopath starts stalking Sarah, and push comes to pull, they end up where they were meant to be all along – in each other’s arms.

The book had me from the word go. The very first chapter has, Sarah coming home with Kylee – very heartwarming moment that puts a smile on your face. Then Ethan trying to change Kylee’s diaper – hilarious and then came the news about Jake that will make you sad. Such a wide range of feelings in the very first chapter! I was hooked. Then following Ethan and Sarah’s journey to finding each other is such a satisfying experience too. Plus add and cute cuddly Kylee into the mix – how can one not like it?

Cate’s style of writing is simple and inviting. There’s such a smooth flow in the story without a single dull moment. This one book will make you laugh, cry, panic and frustrated – all in one. But by the time you are done with it, you are bound to have a satisfied smile on your face. This was so my kind of romance!