10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary - James Patterson, Maxine Paetro 3.5 Stars!

Lindsay Boxer is called in to investigate the case of a teenage girl who is discovered in a terrible condition. Without much to go on from the victim all Lindsay has to work on is the medical reports of the Victim. Avis seemed to have delivered a baby, been drugged and probably raped in her recent past. Yuki Castellano is working on probably the biggest case of her life that can make or break her career. It is a murder case where it seems pretty obvious that the wife had murdered her husband. But as we know that murder cases are never that straightforward and this too has a few twists. Also, Cindy Thomas is on a trail of a serial rapist who drugs their victims first so that when all the victims are discovered they virtually have no recollection of the incident. But Cindy may be way in over her head as she soon becomes a target.

There’s not one or two, but three parallel stories going on in this book. And each stories become entwined as the main characters in each story are friends and part of the ‘Women’s Murder Club’. So it is needless to say that like any other James Patterson Novel, it was another action packed book. With either their respective cases or with their personal lives, the ladies have kept the story moving and me interested. Individually, the three storylines would have lacked the strength to keep a hold on a reader, but put together, they worked pretty well. The lead characters of WMC – Lindsay, Yuki, Cindy and Claire are pretty much the same – always standing strong for women power. Lindsay seemed a bit of out of character in this particular installment. The ‘criminal / villain’ wasn’t as forbidding though.

Its sounds complicated and daunting that a plot should have three parallel stories/mysteries running, but really it isn’t. A mix of action and romance kept me going. Like all the Patterson Novels, this too had short chapters which gave the feeling of a fast paced novel. Just one more chapter – its only three-four pages…. And before you know, you are done reading the whole thing. I will not say that this is the best in the series or the best Patterson novel, but it is worth your time and interest.