Can't Help Falling In Love

Can't Help Falling In Love - Bella Andre After Chase and Marcus, its Gabe’s turn to tell his story.

Gabe Sullivan is as hot as the other Sullivan brothers and he is a firefighter. I really dunno how he came to be a firefighter because I kept thinking that he sets everything on fire :P Anyway, coming back to the story, Gabe has been burnt once and knows not to fall in love with the fire victims he helps save. Megan Harris on the other hand knows better than to fall in love with someone with a dangerous job. After all, she had learnt that the hard way when she had lost her pilot husband. But what happens when destiny bring these two together? Will they be able to stick to their rules and stay away from each other? Or will the adorable Summer’s matchmaking give them the push they need?

OMG! Yes, I hardly use that, but it is for Gabe. I think I have found my favourite Sullivan brother. He is handsome, he is sexy, he is sweet, he is caring and he is protective. What else could you possibly ask for? Meghan is on the other hand provided stability. As a single mother, her actions and her interactions somehow made her synonymous to stability for me. I liked her. But I loved summer more. She is such an adorable kiddo that you cannot but help love her.

Like the other 2 books that I have read by Bella Andre, I did feel that their story was a bit rushed. I mean whatever happened to the old-fashioned lets date for a year or two before making a commitment? I guess, with the size of an average romance novel, an author has only so much space to spread out the story. Plus with a man like Gabe available, who’d want to let him be ‘available’ for too long.

As usual her writing style is quite good and it is one of those toe-curling sweet romances that I enjoyed reading!