I Only Have Eyes for You

I Only Have Eyes for You - Bella Andre After the three Sullivan brothers, it is finally the turn of a Sullivan sister to tell her story!

Through the first three books I have already had the chance to explore the lives of the Sullivan brothers. But this book lets us into Sophie’s life. She has always been the ‘nice’ one among the siblings. Sophie Sullivan, who by the way has the best job - of a librarian, has been in love with Jake since the time she can remember. But the bad boy seems determined to go through the rest of the women in the world without taking a glance at her. When Sophie has had enough of waiting, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She is ready to let go of her ‘nice’ image and do what it takes to get Jake off the market. Jake on the other hand has had his heart set on Sophie for a long time, but he never felt that he was good enough for her. His not so bright childhood added to his insecurities. Plus he had been following one of the rules of friendship – a friend’s sister is always off limits, even though Sophie’s the one he truly wants.

A bit different from the first three books, this isn’t a case of love at first sight and so I was a bit more comfortable with this story. But hey, Sophie can work her way through pretty fast too. Once she had her mind made up, she really made a quick job of it though I don’t really approve of her methods. But who am I to judge, especially since it actually works out in the end? I did feel for Sophie at times though. I know that she has a job that I practically salivate for, but in comparison to her siblings her life lacks glamour. [Do you really need glamour when you have books?] She feels overshadowed and somewhat invisible. I guess it is pretty normal. Also, the big-bad-boys do have insecurities – Whether they like to admit them or not. Jake’s share only made him more human to me.

As usual, the author’s capability to give life to her characters through words has shined through in this particular book too. Her style of writing is actually growing on me and I don’t mind the rushed romance so much because her characters are so loveable.

I had actually received this book as a part of the Novel Publicity Blog tour that ended on 20th January. But I am posting the review now anyway – better late than never!