My Own Mr. Darcy

My Own Mr. Darcy - Karey White Elizabeth Barret expects to be bored watching the 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice. But once Matthew Macfadyen appears on the screen she is enthralled. She goes back to read and read the book a number of times. The story then fast forwards a few years down the line. Elizabeth is off living with her best friend and attending college to become an interior designer. Her crush on Mr.Darcy has put a stop on any kind of love life since no guy can stand upto the image she has of Matthew Macfadyen as Mr.Darcy. Either they do not look like him or they are not brooding enough! Lizzie’s friend Janessa intervenes and forces her to promise to go out on ten times before dumping the next guy who asks her out. That’s also when Lizzie meets Chad – a science teacher and swim coach. Though Lizzie starts dating him reluctantly at first, soon she realises that Chad is a great guy and that she genuinely enjoys his company. That’s when Matt Dawson, a wealthy bookstore owner, also walks into her life. He looks a lot like Matthew Macfadyen and is a brooding rude guy. Locked between the two men in her life – one she enjoys spending time with and the other who is the spitting image of Mr.Darcy that she had in mind – she has to make a choice finally… Who will she choose and how?

Though I am not crazy about Mr.Darcy as Elizabeth or some other girls, I do understand why he is so loved by some. I was looking forward to reading this book and see how the author would represent Matt and Chad in the novel and I wasn’t disappointed. While on one hand Matt was more like Mr.Darcy than I care to admit – he had me wanting to smack him so hard! On the other hand was this ‘jolly good fellow’ Chad, who more than made up for the irritation I felt towards Matt. He is a genuinely nice guy and I felt for him when Lizzie was busy making her eyes at Matt. Elizabeth on the other hand had me wanting to shake some sense into her all through the book. Being a bookworm and film buff myself, I know that it is too easy to fall in love with a fictional character. But to let that fantasy run my life… is absurd. The plot was pretty predictable. But the charm of the book lies in Chad and the way the author has narrated the story. I also loved Janessa and Ben – they are such a pair!

Overall, it was a pretty entertaining book and I have spent a couple of blissful hours lost in it.