Promise Me This

Promise Me This - Sarah Ashley Jones Charlie has just lost her brother, her twin brother, to an accident. Cameron and Charlie was twin in every way, except that Cameron wasn’t afraid to leave home to get away from under their mother’s thumb and spread his wings. Charlie on the other hand, despite Cameron’s encouragement, stayed back home living the life that would make their mother happy rather than really follow in Cameron’s footsteps. But when Cameron’s death brings Charlie to San Diego, to pack up what’s left of her brother, she has to face more than she had expected to.

Charlie is a character that you can’t help but fall for immediately. Losing a twin is like losing one’s limb. To cope with that without any emotional support from her family and then to go ahead and make huge changes to her life, one has to be strong for that. And Charlie is a strong girl, stubborn, but strong. Jhett on the other hand is like a walking Adonis with Tattoos. He is the kind of guy every girl’s parents are wary of. He walks into Charlie’s life to set her free from all that had been stopping her from spreading her wings. Together they can set water on fire.

This book is an emotional bomb that can set anyone off. Characters are well developed and the storyline flows without the glitch. Somewhat predictable yet a heart-warming story of a couple of loveable protagonists. The author’s fluid writing style really compliments the plot of the story. Sarah has wisely chosen her genre and this is an awesome debut. I would love to keep track of her future works.