Stubborn Love

Stubborn Love - Wendy Owens For Emmie Hayes everything happens very quickly. She falls in love early, gets married early and then at 26 she finds herself as a widow. She had given up her dreams and the best years of her life to Ashton and in return all she had was an abusive relationship. She had finally had the courage to walk out on Ashton with him threatening her to kill himself. What she hadn’t expected was Ashton to follow through. And now she feels the burden of it all – the lost years, the abuse and the suicide. Finally she decides that it was time for her to try and move on, and so she moves to New York to follow her dream of finishing art school from there. She is determined and focused about what she wants and doesn’t want in her new life till she meets Collin Bennet!

Emmie is a character that is both annoying and admirable. She shows great strength by walking out of an abusive relationship on her own. It is a very difficult thing to do and she did it with her head held high. But then the rest of the story takes over and she starts to be annoying. I understand that it is impossible to walk out of such a situation without some emotional scars and initially I did feel for her. But then with time when she continues to refuse to believe in the people around her who try to help and convince her that Ashton’s death wasn’t her fault she starts to irritate me. After a point it even feels like Emmie actually enjoys pitying herself and wallowing nature. Colin on the other hand is what every girl dreams of… Handsome, caring, patient and not a nonsensical bone in his body. I loved how he was always direct about everything. The characters compliment the plot which pretty simple and straightforward. The author’s style of narration is pretty easy to like.

Overall, it was an entertaining read!