English Bites! My 'Fullproof' English Learning Formula

English Bites! My 'Fullproof' English Learning Formula - Manish  Gupta When the author approached me with a review request for this book, my initial reaction was to say ‘no’ because the blurb gave off a non-fiction, self-help vibe. Though I pick up non-fictions from time to time, self-help books are a big no-no for me. But then someone told me that this book could be counted as memoir because the author narrates his own story – and that got me curious! Is it a self-help book, or a memoir, or a self-help book in guise of a memoir, or a memoir in guise of self-help book, which is it?

The book is divided into different chapters depending upon the different phases of the author’s journey to learn English starting right from his school days. However, his main romance with the language started when he stepped out his hometown for his Engineering Degree as that’s when he first discovered that there were two categories of people - those who can speak English and those who cannot. After his Engineering Degree, he went ahead with his ambition of having a Management Degree. Soon after, he was wooed into the corporate world where he has achieved much success. In the meantime, he also met his soul mate and thus settled looking for a happily ever-after.

The author has been blunt and humorous in his narration. And all the while he narrated his story, he made sure to include some big words (do not worry as their meanings are explained in the very same page and you do not have to run for your dictionary every time!), some similar sounding words, some trivia and enough jokes and anecdotes to keep you laughing/smiling throughout.

As a student, I was too lazy to go find a dictionary every time I came across a new word, I would simply read and re-read the sentence or the passage till the word meant something to me! I now wish all our text books were like ‘English Bites’ – a fun way to learn! I have learnt quite a few new words and while I will try and incorporate some of them in my daily conversations and my reviews, there were also certain humungous words like ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ that I will happily spend my life without using.

In the end, this is a book that is best read one chapter a day because even though it makes learning fun, one needs time to absorb and retain it. A must read for EVERYONE…