Last Call

Last Call - Michele G.  Miller Savannah Guthry hails from the famous Guthry family. She usually hides her true identity from people because of the expectations that it raises. When she receives a Wedding Invitation to the wedding of her cousin and her ex-boyfriend, she is in a fix. Her friends set her up on numerous blind dates with the hopes of finding someone who she can take to the wedding to impress her family and show her cousin & ex-boyfriend that she had long since moved on from their betrayal. The memories of her past and the drama of her current situation is just not enough to keep her from noticing the new Hot Aussie bartender at her favourite joint. Gage turns out to be a funny, observant, sensitive knight in shining armour as he helps her get out of various situations. But will Savannah be too late or will she finally find her Mr.Right?

Savannah seems to have the most rotten luck when it comes to men. The two in her past were simply jerks, and the blind dates set up by her best friends seem to be creeps. But that is made up by her good luck when it comes to friends. She is portrayed as this smart and tough girl who has her own mind. But some of her decisions and dialogues really drove me mad. Gage is a super awesome hottie who is JUST PERFECT from every aspect that one can think of. The plot is very much predictable even with the author inserting an unknown stalker who trashes cars and makes threats – but if you pay attention, you will easily figure out who this stalker is. I liked the author’s style of writing and narration which was consistent with her previous book ‘Never Let you Fall’.

But yes, this story reminded me too much of Debra Messing & Dermot Mulroney starrer The Wedding Date. Just replace the escort from the movie with bartender in the book and Best Man from the movie with Groom in the book!

Overall, even with the gaping similarities, this was fun to read!