Spying in High Heels

Spying in High Heels - Gemma Halliday The name of the book, in fact the series, paints a picture of a very glamorous world as the setting of the plots.

Our protagonist Maddie Springer lives in Los Angeles and is a shoe designer by profession. She is crazy about fashion and fits right into the industry. But her almost perfect world takes her for a ride when a murder is unveiled and her boyfriend goes missing along with a lump of embezzled money. Of course her boyfriend is suspected of committing the murder and then taking off with the money and as a result Maddie is under LAPD’s scanner. Enter a sexy policeman by the name of Ramirez – and off takes Maddie’s adventure as she tries to solve the case with the help of Ramirez, her mother, a psychic and her best friend. Is Maddie biting off more than she can chew? She is after all a kids’ shoe designer – what does she know about murder?

Maddie Springer makes a a charming character. Armed with her sense of fashion and humour, Maddie is lovable. Ramirez is an interesting character – sexy, macho and hell bent on doing the right thing. Maddie’s mom and best friend also makes way for some fun supporting cast. But there were certain holes in the plot that left me confused. While this book is no ‘James Bond’ or ‘Covert Affairs’, the High Heels series makes for an interesting roller coaster journey. The author has thrown in a lot of red herrings to keep the reader off track of the actual criminal. So the twists and turns made the book bit more entertaining. However, for a mystery buff like me the plot turned out to be somewhat predictable. The author’s style of narration more than makes up for the predictable plot though.

Overall, it is a light read – not as suspenseful or on the edge type like Lee Child or James Patterson, but can hold on its own.