Playing by the Rules

Playing by the Rules - Imelda Evans Kate Adams has always had a plan. Her latest was to return to her reunion with a ring on her finger and her french fiance in tow. But plans have a way of falling apart at the most crucial points. So when she finally returns to Australia, she has no ring on her finger and her boyfriend was off to a vacation with her close friend and colleague. Slumming it with her best friend Jo in her apartment, Kate comes face to face with her crush Josh who volunteers to be her fake fiance for the night of the reunion. But things escalate and their paths take twists and turns – will they be able to find their way back to each other in time?

The thing about such romance novels is that the plot is usually pretty much predictable and this was no exception. But what makes a reader like them is the character building and the journey of the protagonists to find their way to each other. It’s the small magical moments and their individual quirks that make a romance novel what it is. I didn’t particularly enjoy this book because both Josh and Kate, living different lives in different parts of the world, come together and in one evening their lives change forever. Their love story could have been a sweet one, instead its portrayed in a sort of ‘in your face’ sort of way. After spending couple of hours with Kate – Josh is declaring his love for her – especially in a situation where Kate has just broken up with her year long boyfriend, whom she was expecting to propose her! I know that they had a history, but I still wish they would have had a few moments of friendship/companionship atleast before they claimed their undying love.

But then it could be just me… The author’s language is pretty simple an easy to get into. So if you don’t mind the insta-love declaration sort of thing, you can give this book a go.