Finding Forever (Finding Forever, #1)

Finding Forever (Finding Forever, #1) - Melisa M. Hamling I have been following this author ever since I came across her book Twenty Weeks. Though I haven’t had the chance to read any of her books before, the blurbs always indicate that the premise of the books to be something different. So when she approached me to read and review Finding Forever, I jumped up at the chance.

When Morgan Masters jumps off a cliff, she is caught somewhere in between. When she meets Ben, her ‘life’ takes a turn towards something that she has always craved for. But the thing is – she cannot stay in Ben’s arm forever as she is brought back to her real life with the douchebag James. With a past that rather remain forgotten, Morgan now can barely settle back into her life. With her heart stuck on Ben – someone know one around her seems to know – her life can never be the same. Will she ever find Ben again? Will she ever feel whole and happy again?

Okay, so I just reread the above portion and that hardly makes sense – just like the blurb of the story. Melissa M. Hamling has managed to create such a different premise that it is impossible to give you a clear picture without giving out a spoiler. Let’s just accept that you have to take my word for it when I say that this book has a Different, yes - with a capital D, kind of a setting on the whole. Though meant to be more of a Romance than a Mystery novel, this book will keep you theorizing about everything and being proved wrong every single time.

As for the characters, Morgan is a protagonist who is meant to stand out. She is a strong one. Throughout the book, you’ll find out more about her struggles and will not be able to help but admire her fighting spirits. Even though there are moments when you feel that ‘what the hell was she thinking?’, overall she comes out as a winner. James is a character you will love to hate from the moment he makes his first appearance and opens his mouth! And what do I say about Ben and Danny – they are characters that really make a girl’s heart melt.

Bringing together the characters and the plot together is Melissa’s very simple yet sweet style of writing that will keep you glued to the pages. I loved it!