Aisle Be Damned

Aisle Be Damned - Rishi Piparaiya When I first saw the title and the cover, I thought that this book must be either a love story of a guy obsessed with beautiful air hostess or a narration of the woes of an air crew. Then I read the blurb and decided to pick it up.

Divided into segments, this book brings you different flavours of air travel. From choosing your seats to conversation material, your every conscious/unconscious decisions help decide how your journey is going to be. There also moments described in the book that each one of has faced even if you have traveled only once. Then there’s a guide on on-flight catering and flushing toilet techniques… Oh don’t worry, those two aren’t in the same chapter – the author is much more organised and dignified than me! He has the contents properly divided into chapters and under different sections. If that is not enough for you to pick up this book, then let me tell you that there’s also a guide to how to converse with the occasional Bollywood stars you might find yourself seated with.

There are some useful tips and mostly LOL moments in this book. Situations described as it really happens often giving you a sense of déjà vu and mostly helping you to connect with the author. However, I cannot help but feel that the content of this book would certainly be funnier if expressed by a stand up comedian.

Fun and light read that I just might carry with me on my next flight… Just in case I get seated beside a marwari aunty whose way of starting a conversation is ‘What’s your caste, beta?’ (Yeah, that was the worst 2 hours of my life I spent travelling)