Gods, Kings & Slaves: The Siege of Madurai

Gods, Kings & Slaves: The Siege of Madurai - R. Venketesh Mythological and Historical fiction are the latest fad in Indian market and I am grateful because I love these more than the same love story being told over and over again.

Gods, Kings & Slaves is however quite different from what I have read so far. Frankly speaking, I have very little knowledge about the South Indian History. I know only the very basics and that too the outlines of the historical events. So, instead of researching about the period before picking up the book, I decided to let this book tell me the story. With the Pandayan Empire at its heights, Crown Prince Veera Pandyan is all set to rule his kingdom from Madurai. Malik Kafur is Sultan Alauddin Khilji’s trusted general who has his eyes on Madurai – a city well known for its riches and culture. Kafur is a cunning and ambitious. What plots have been set in motions and what roles do these men play in the siege of Madurai? Read to find out.

The books best superiority lies in the way the author has set up the intricate plot and all the while adding flavours to it by including the well known events from that era. Detailed description and well fleshed out characters only adds to the glamour of this title. Having no clue about this character beforehand, Kafur was the most interesting character in the novel. I enjoyed seeing him grow as the plot evolved and often found myself trying to get into his head. An interesting part of history requires great narration to do it justice and the author has managed it well.

There’s love, betrayal, treachery, ambition and every other element that you can think of to make a story interesting. History fan or a fiction fan – this book caters to the individual need of every reader.