Slide - Michelle Congdon The reason I read romance novels is because they provide a light interlude between my usual mystery / thrillers. They are supposed to be simple and most of the time we already know what's coming... But well, Slide changed all that for me a bit.

First we meet Evangeline who has eluded the spotlight that comes with her family name and her past by staying away from her hometown. Forced to come back under not so pleasant situation, she just wants a normal life. On the other hand we meet Ryan, star Player (in every sense of that word) who lives his life in the very spotlight that Evangeline has always evaded. But in his case there are ghosts in the cupboard of his past too. When they come together there's only fireworks... Together they fight the demons of their past and handle the side-effects of being in the spotlight.

The first thing that stands out in this story is its characters and their strength. Its two people, equal in every way, finding their way to each other. Its not a story of a charming billionaire coming to the rescue of his very ordinary princess or a next door girl rescuing a dark brooding hero from the shadows of his past. Its a story of two people who are of equal status when it comes to money, power, strength and even baggage. The other thing that I liked about it that Evangeline and Ryan didn't go for the 'Love at first sight' formula. They lusted after each other, but it was with time that they fell for each other. The characters in the book, including the protagonists, were well fleshed out and I just loved Ryan's family and Evangeline's brother. The narration is crisp and has an air of no-nonsense as Michelle dives straight into working the connection between the protagonists.

Its hot and it is fun with the additional advantage of featuring two very strong characters as its lead. If you love reading romance, this book should be next on your reading list.