Uff Ye Emotions 2

Uff Ye Emotions 2 - Vinit K. Bansal, Mahi Singla, Kunal Marathe, Shalini Katyal, Ishani Malhotra, Siddhartha Yadav, Heema Shirvaikar, Saravana Kumar Murugan, Tarang Sinha, Udita Pal, Himanshu Chhabra, Meghant Parmar, Heena Ahuja http://www.b00kr3vi3ws.in/2014/02/UffYeEmotions2.html

Let me introduce you to an anthology of 11 short stories written by dynamic youth of today. When I picked up this book, I saw quite a few familiar names in the authors list.

The story that stood out the most ‘Moksha’ by Kunal Marathe – a story about love, passion and trust and I loved the way the author managed to create and build up the two major characters of the story. Also, Tarang Sinha’s ‘Dilemma’ touched my heart as he told the story of so many women through his lead character. Strength and character oozed through the pages as he explored the world of divorce, remarriage and adoption. ‘Hickey’ by Heema Shirvaikar is a true reflect of today’s society where women suffer the harshest judgments. It’s a story that that touches you and makes you wonder. NCERT of Love by Himanshu Chhabra and Udita Pal is a real sweet early teens’ love story that made me take trip down the memory lane… ‘Love and Sacrifices’ by Meghant Parmar & Heena Ahuja was another sweet love story that was somewhat predictable yet gripping. As its title suggests, it explores the relativity between love and sacrifices is crisply written and beautifully interwoven with lovely poetry. ‘When Destiny Strikes by Mahi Singla, ‘The Client by Vinit K Bansal, ‘120 Minutes’ by Saravana Murugan, ‘I’ll be there’ by Ishani Malhotra, ‘The Pale Pigeon by Siddharta Yadav, ‘The Woman who Waited’ by Shalini Katyal are the stories that complete this anthology.

Each story in this anthology is unique and well written. The Title of the book does it justice as it is in fact full of emotions in every shade possible. I loved it and enjoyed every moment I spent turning its pages.