Broken Gates

Broken Gates - D.T. Dyllin This is a combined review of the trilogy that I am posting only here on Goodreads.

The author has no doubt built an amazing world of Dragons and I loved the basic concept of the book.

When I had picked up this series, I knew to expect certain sexual content as a part of New Adult genre. But the sexual content of the book overwhelmed me as it was just too much and I feel this should be tagged as erotica. I have no doubt that if the sex scenes and the sex talk were to be removed, this series could automatically be made into one book.

Frankly, I have nothing against such content and once in a while I do read books with explicit content, but when sex overwhelms the plot, I know there is something wrong with the book. The concept of Dragons, Clans, Transformations, Magic and War is interesting in itself and the author has created an enchanting backdrop - but that's all it is - backdrop :(