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The author Sophie Davis presents to us a whole new Dystopian World… and a world that I am in love with J

The world of ‘Talented’ is that of a world of humans with special powers due to genetic mutation. Yes, it sounds a lot like X-Men and it is and I love mutants… I mean have you seen Wolverine? Anyway, back to this book, Sophie Davis has built a new world with the mutants. They have special schools and training facilities, just like they have hierarchy and specializations. Our protagonist is such a ‘talented’ person who witnessed her own parents being murdered as a young child. She is then kind of adopted by friends of her parents. As she lives her life, training to be a ‘hunter’, vengeance is a constant on her mind. Will she be ready to do what it takes when she finally comes face to face with Ian Crane, the alleged killer of her parents?

First of all, the characters in this book are so diverse! While Talia is not the perfect protagonist and has her faults, she is pretty loveable. I am yet to understand Donovan and I guess he will play more parts in the upcoming books in the series. Erik is almost perfect! He is a hunk with just the right mix of strength and vulnerability. He is also just perfect for Talia. But I loved Henri the most and loved the way the author has built up his character. There is also enough background and action in the story to keep a reader enthralled. The narration style and the language used to tell the story is simple. The characters grow through out the story, especially Talia.

This is a must read for those who love – Mutants, Dystopian and Love triangles.