Nazaqat - Sasha H. Singhal, Harsh Agarwal This is one of the best books that I have read among the recent IWE releases. I was closed to accepting review requests when I received a mail from the author. The blurb made me curious and I decided to make an exception and accept this book. And man, I am glad that I did because I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

Nazaqat is the story of a modern day girl who steps into the dark world of prostitution and later moves on to open a restaurant. Her story is narrated to us mostly through flashbacks as she narrates it to the author she has hired to write a book about her. From her days as a prostitute to her days as a restaurant owner, she has had her share of ups and downs and a bunch of people who influenced her life. Then there is a murder mystery thrown in to make things even more interesting for the readers.

Naazani, our protagonist is smart, outgoing and independent. She makes her own decisions and while they are often unorthodox and frowned upon by the society, she goes ahead and does it anyway. I liked her character a lot. She is a kick-ass lady in her own way and dominates the story in a way that all protagonists should. There are a few supporting characters like Sharat, and Biplab, who influences the story by influencing Nazaani’s life. The side characters are also well developed.

The cast duly compliments the smashing storyline and pretty good narration style. I particularly enjoyed the poetry paragraphs scattered throughout the novel that added a certain flavour to the novel. The best part about the book is how plot seamlessly weaves in the social issues like prostitution, homosexuality and in a way the status of women in our country. There is enough drama and thrills without overdoing any one particular aspect.

I absolutely enjoyed it and would recommend everyone to leave those campus stories and best seller author who writes more of bollywood script than anything else alone. Give this one a try and it will be worth your while.