Until The End Of Time

Until The End Of Time - Danielle Steel

Until the End of Time is essentially two love stories over a period of time.

On one hand we have Bill and Jenny - a lawyer and fashion stylist living the big-city life. In love and very sure about their entwined destinies together, Bill takes up the post of a Minister in a small town in Wyoming and Jenny follows him their. They are happy in their lives together until a tragedy strikes. Fast forward a couple of decades and we meet the couple of the second story, Robert and Lilibet. Lilibet is an Amish girl who has secretly written a book and meets Robert, who is a publisher, while trying to get it published. As they meet and fall in love, there’s the twist in the tale that creeps up to the readers.

Danielle Steel certainly has mastered the art of story-telling. I always find her narration engaging and interesting. Her characters also have a wide range and often offers some surprising insights to people. In this case though the two couples a very different on their own rights. I loved reading about Bill and Jenny and adored their story which was quite enchanting. But I failed to connect with Robert and Lilibet. I wish the author would have given us proper insight into the Amish culture that I am very curious about. Also, the second story felt quite rushed and didn’t have the same feel as that of Bill and Jenny’s story.

Now about the twist in the end… Without giving out any spoilers, I can only say that it is a well explored concept both in literature and in movies - especially Bollywood movies. So when offering such a concept to the readers, I would expect an author to put her own little twist/take on it that would make it stand apart from the so many other artists who have explored it. Instead Danielle Steel plates up the same old concept in the same old manner and thus leaving me a bit disappointed at the end.

Overall, not the best Danielle Steel work but enjoyable still.