The Crossover Year

The Crossover Year - Bhargavi Balachandran The Crossover Year takes us on a roller coaster journey that is the life of a 29 year old modern lady. Anu, a banker by profession and she is dangerously close to hitting the dreaded thirty. We take a good look at her life as she struggles to handle various aspects of her life, namely – Work and Marriage. Like in the real world, Anu’s life isn’t perfect and as things start to go very wrong, Anu fights to get her life back on track.

Anu is a very relatable character. As a thirty something woman myself, I could feel that Anu’s story could have very well been my own. The different shades of a woman have been captured well in this book through Anu and I would like to give a special kudos to the author for that. There are various other characters that enter Anu’s life and lend colour to the story. Her husband Mukund is a true partner in terms of a husband and also as a supporting cast to her role. Well developed and very real characters always manage to elevate the quality of a story.

The plot on the other hand, while not so unique or ‘ohmygod’ sort, is something that delivers entertainment to its readers. The author’s style of narration is very descriptive and I loved that fact as the story practically painted pictures in my mind as I read it. Touch of romance and a dash of humour added special flavor to the story.

All in all, this was a fun read that occupied my mind and a couple of hours. Recommend it to Chic-lit lovers.