Immersed - Jennifer Stewart Griffith

Lisette Pannebaker is a talented girl but it is her beauty that people take notice of. It has put her in quite a few odd situations including with her clients. It is difficult for her business to take off till her clients take her seriously for her language skills rather than treat her as an escort. The only solution that she can come up with is a complete make over that would hide her beauty and curves. That is when she meets Erik Gunnarson, a man of good looks, charm and money he can afford her services and look beyond her looks.

I have to admit that this was probably my least favourite book in this series. I found Lisette to be a bit hypocritical. She herself went through o many bad and awkward experiences, yet its Erik’s good looks that attracts her first. She hadn’t given him a second thought when the younger Erik had asked her out. Erik on the other hand is the kind of a guy who surely goes for looks. He barely ever talked to Lisette during the university days, yet he grooms himself over the years in a way so that his looks can appeal to her. The characters felt too shallow for my liking. However, I loved the way the author narrated situations that a girl can find herself in. The trials and sacrifices of a mother was highlighted too.

Overall, it is an average novella that can be taken on as a light read or as a breather between two books.